Waterloo Gin Antique Gin 750ml
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Waterloo Gin Antique Gin

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Category Gin
Region United States, Texas
Brand Waterloo Gin
Proof 94.00
Floral & vanilla nose, nutmeg & leather, with a cinnamon finish. Building on centuries of tradition, Treaty Oak ages Waterloo Antique gin in medium-char, white oak barrels to create body and complexity of flavor and a robust mouth-feel unusual in gin. It has rich woody vanilla notes with the botanical backbone of a gin. Already botanically hearty, Waterloo gin is aged for 18 to 24 months, allowing the interaction between wood and spirits to create richer, deeper flavors and aromas, engaging the palate in a long conversation about taste and expectations.
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  • we91

Bold and gutsy, this burnished-copper, barrel-aged gin resembles a cross between whiskey and aged rum. The deep, funky aroma suggests molasses and root beer, though the palate veers closer to brown sugar, finishing with dry notes of chamomile tea, cedar and clove. In some ways this unusual gin is similar to the sweeter old tom-style genre; it should be interesting to watch how bartenders use this to re-create Martinez cocktails and other gin-soaked classics.

July 1, 2014