Sugarlands Distilling Co. Root Beer Moonshine 750ml
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Sugarlands Distilling Co. Root Beer Moonshine


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Category Moonshine
Origin United States, Tennessee
Brand Sugarlands Distilling Co.
Alcohol/vol 35%
Proof 70.00
Our Root Beer Moonshine is simple, almost bubbly, and has the perfect touch of sweetness. The mellow mix of sassafras root, vanilla, and wintergreen make this offering a timeless classic. Root Beer moonshine brings a hint of nostalgia as it is reminiscent of the root beer candies we all ate as children. It's also a really nice blend of a high proof spirit and tons of flavor! Pairings & Suggestions: This 'Shine pairs with spearmint, chocolate, banana, vanilla and butterscotch flavors. Add a little Root Beer moonshine to a bowl of ice cream or a shot of bourbon.

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