Oxley Cold Distilled Gin 750ml
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Oxley Cold Distilled Gin


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Category Gin
Origin United Kingdom, England
Brand Oxley
OXLEY™ is the first spirit ever created without the use of heat. Instead, it uses an innovative process called Cold Distillation. A process that has created a revolution in gin. Cold Distillation is based on the principle that the boiling point of all liquids alters with pressure change; the lower the pressure, the lower the temperature required to achieve boiling. Cold Distillation uses a vacuum to lower the pressure within the still allowing distillation to take place at approximately -5℃. The fresh, bright and smooth taste of OXLEY could not be achieved if heat was applied like it is during traditional distillation methods. The heat used for these methods can impact on the natural flavours of the botanicals. By boiling botanicals with heat - as many gins do - the botanicals are exposed to temperatures of 80℃ or greater (cooking temepratures) and, as a result, the delicate flavours can be lost, intese flavours can dimish and harsh or 'cooked' notes can emerge. As no heat is applied during Cold Distillation, the structure of the botanicals molescules are unchanged, thus preserving their original intensity and transfering, unchanged, onto the final spirit. As a result, harsh and cooked notes, heads and tails and 'spirit safes' become a thing of the past. All the spirit distilled for OXLEY™ is of such high quality that everything produced goes into the final bottle and nothing is discarded.

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