Ardbeg Distillery Ardbeg An Oa with Bbq Smoker 750ml
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Ardbeg Distillery Ardbeg An Oa with Bbq Smoker


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Category Single Malt Scotch
Origin United Kingdom, Scotland
Brand Ardbeg Distillery
Proof 93.20
Hunt down a grill and gather your ancestors, because the Ardbeg BBQ Smoker is bringing the everyday cookout into a new age! This gift pack includes one BBQ Smoker and one bottle of Ardbeg An Oa - the perfect spirit for sippin' and tearin'. Small but mighty, the smoker lets you surround your food with smoke in just a few easy steps. Simply fill the puck with wood chips, lay it at the back of your grill, wait until your BBQ is sufficiently smoky, place your food around the puck, smoke it out some more, and voilà! Once your food is smoked, cooked, and practically falling off the bone, all that's left to do is plate up and pair with a delectably smooth dram of Ardbeg An Oa. Ardbeg An Oa's rounded and subtly smoky aromas make it the prime spirit for toasting by the BBQ. With notes of thick cigar smoke, roasted tea leaves and grilled artichokes, this whisky is the perfectly peaty dance partner for your smoky culinary creations.

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