Fleur Charmante Artisanale Liqueur 750ml
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Fleur Charmante Artisanale Liqueur


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Category Liqueurs & Cordials
Region France, Poitou-Charentes
Brand Fleur Charmante
Alcohol/vol 23%
Proof 46.00
Made in the Saint Sauvant in the Saintonge area of France by expert distillers, Fleur Charmante begins with a classic Eaux-de-Vie. Then, a maceration of blackcurrant, raspberry and cherry fruits are followed by a petite bouquet of natural violet, lavender, and jasmine essence. This creates a liqueur that is both lush in flavor and superb in elegance and style - hence, 'charming flower.' The blend of all-natural flavors and botanicals draws inspiration from a Golden Age of cocktail making -a time where creativity, artistry and style collided in the cup. Fleur Charmante's unique blend of flavors mingle in the mouth like no other liqueur before it adding elegance to any drinking occasion.

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