Stellum Spirits Rye 750ml
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Stellum Spirits Rye


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Category Rye
Origin United States
Brand Stellum Spirits
Alcohol/vol 58.12%
Proof 116.24
Deep copper. On the nose, stewed apples, peaches, and pears dominate the initial nose, along with an undertone of baking spices. Nutmeg and clove provide a counterbalance to the sweet fruits, while a light mint and licorice note bring further depth to the aroma. Aniseed, cardamom, and coriander wake up your palate with an intense spice punch. Notes of lemon peel and tangerine coming from the rye grain provide a nice citrus component to the overall spiciness. As the whiskey breathes in the glass, fresh green apples and spearmint arise, which offers just enough of a sweet component to engage all your taste buds. A finish of star anise, white pepper, and mint linger on the palate before fading into a honey-sweetened jasmine green tea.

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