Gem & Bolt Mezcal with Damiana 750ml
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Gem & Bolt Mezcal with Damiana


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Category Mezcal
Origin Mexico, Oaxaca
Brand Gem & Bolt
Alcohol/vol 44%
Gem & Bolt Mezcal is produced using Espadin Agave and fresh mountain spring water. A process deeply informed by hundreds of years of tradition. Espadin agave, a stoic plant pollinated by bats at night, takes up to 10 years to mature under the sun. Our agave is hand harvested, slowly wood-roasted in earth pit ovens and mashed by traditional tahona stone. Roasted mash is fermented naturally in wooden vats and distilled with precision in small copper stills. Gem & Bolt Mezcal is uniquely distilled with Damiana. A flowering bush native to Mexico. Long revered by the Maya and Aztec for its myriad mood elevating properties and for endowing mythic powers in the bedroom, this beloved and uplifting herb naturally complements Gem & Bolt Mezcal's heart opening properties.

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