Fair Quinoa Vodka 750ml
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Fair Quinoa Vodka


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Category Vodka
Origin France
Brand Fair
Cultivated by the Incas for the past 5,000 years in the Andes mountain range, quinoa became popular only recently in the western world. We are now rediscovering its exceptional nutritional values and its outstanding versatility. An excellent source of proteins, quinoa has been the staple diet of Andean people for centuries. Our quinoa is cultivated by over 1,200 small producers in the Bolivian Altiplano, gathered within the Anapqui cooperative, the main association of farming producers in the country. FAIR. Vodka is an outstanding vodka using grains of Quinoa in its formula. This very unique spirit reveals all the natural qualities of this small cereal from the South American Andes and the know-how of expert distillers from France. The production process is the result of a two-years joint research by French distillers and Bolivian farmers. FAIR. Vodka is the first Quinoa-based Vodka but also the first vodka made with Fair Trade certified™ Quinoa. FAIR. Vodka was consecutively nominated « Best Tasting Vodka 2009 » at the New York Spirits Awards in June and won the « Gold Medal » with 93 points at the Chicago Beverage Institute in November.

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