J. Rieger & Co. Midwestern Dry Gin 750ml
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J. Rieger & Co. Midwestern Dry Gin


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Category Gin
Origin United States, Missouri
Brand J. Rieger & Co.
Alcohol/vol 46.1%
Proof 92.00
Midwestern Dry Gin is inspired by the traditional London Dry Gins that famously emphasize the spicy and aromatic character of mature Juniper berries. By selecting only the finest botanicals from around the world, the result is bold, full-flavored Gin with layers of aroma and a complexity of flavor that makes it perfect for sipping on the rocks or ideal for classic cocktails. Each ingredient in the gin is noticeable and serves a purpose. Being a classic London dry it leads with juniper on the nose and palate but that is married to the coriander with the earthy/almost melon like characteristic of the angelica. The orange peel accentuates with some bright citrus notes and an ever so slight sweetness comes from the licorice.

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